Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Let A Dentist Name My Blog!

It all began in the chair of the kindest dentist I have ever met. His name is Dr. Schumm and he's in Fountain Valley...go see him! It was the first time I had seen this new dentist, and I was there for a routine cleaning. He began to ask me questions about my lifestyle, including if I use any recreational drugs. He asked, “Do you use any recreational, or what you young ones call ‘social’ drugs?” I responded, “Why, do you have some to offer?” I guess he could tell that I was nervous. He laughed the most contagious laugh I have ever heard from an adult male. His assistant began to laugh, I began to laugh, and his office manager came in to see what all the noise was. Yes, she even began to laugh. But he wanted to keep talking about Me, my least favorite topic, and so we did!
I told him I was a mother of four children. I told him I was in my final year of university. I told him about my family and that I was blessed to still have my parents on this Earth. I told him about how I would stay awake until four or five in the morning writing papers, reading books, and/or grading papers. I told him that I hardly ever got to go out because my spare time was spent in bed or at the library. He asked me if my sleep, although I didn’t get very much of it, was interrupted. I quickly responded that my sleep was always interrupted because I had a fiancĂ© who snored, a one-year-old who couldn’t find his way to his own bed, and only a corner of the bed “belonged to me.” There it was again…the contagious laughter. Only this time it wasn’t so contagious!

“It sounds like you have a full life,” my dentist said.

“Yeah, can you tell that I am really living life on the edge?” I replied.

“You are. You are living life on the edge…of your bed!” he appropriately responded.

And that, my friends, is how this blog got its name. I knew it instantly after he said it. I would either write a book by that name or I would tattoo it on my back. I didn’t have the money for a tattoo (and honestly, who would tattoo that on their back?), a book just seemed too long, and so the next best thing would be a blog. And here we are.

There is always script floating in my head. I see a penny on the floor and I want to write a poem about how lonely it seemed when I walked by. I see a rose wilting in my garden and I want to write a short story about abandonment of animals (more on this in another post). I watch my children sleeping and I want to write about what I think they are dreaming of. I see someone who is homeless asking for money and I want to re-write their life story.
It’s something that I can’t turn off. If I could write for a living, I would stop everything that I am doing right now and write until the day I die.
Because of these reasons, and so many more that you will later learn about, I have decided to finally start my blog. It may not always be riveting. It may not always be relevant. It may at times be sad, or make you mad, or even make you laugh. Heck, you may even find something in here that sounds close to your life, or close to an experience that you and I had together…wouldn’t that be fun to read?

We only are given one chance on this great Earth of ours, so enjoy the sun on your face, the wind at your back, and the flowers in your path.
Life IS good!